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This is Tabulit

Novels + Comics. All genres, all voices. We care about good storytelling. This is a place you want to hang out at.

Got You Covered

Did you forget your book for the gazillionth time? Totally forgot to charge your Kindle? Just don't effing know what to do when waiting for the bus? Bam, we're here now. It's all going to be fine. Shh.

Actual Testimonials From Our Beta

"You are an idiot, and you should just go to law school."

- My Dad

"Why don't I just use a Kindle?"

- Pretty much everyone we talk to

"Everything about your site is insane. It's incoherent, ill-conceived, and frankly boring as hell."

- Kind stranger

Listen Here Though

Okay, we get it. We're not first to the party and we certainly aren't the best dressed ones over here. But this is not just about being a content platform. We're all about standing up for ideals that we believe in, all the while having a hell lot of fun.


Our Promise To Be Fair

We'll get to the point: 70%. We share 70% of the revenue with our partner artists and writers. We care about creators, and we know you care about them too. So we decided to make sure to give more back to creators, so that they can keep going making great stuff for all of you.


Something for Everyone

Sci-fi? We got that. Romance? We got that. Urban-fantasy? We got that. Drama? Duh we got that too. Magic Realism? You guessed it, we got that. Ever imagine Christian Grey spanking you right in the ass? We'll probably have something for that too.


Keeping Things Interesting

We want to keep experimenting, exploring, and keep on trying things out. In fact, we don't just host comics on our platform, we even tried out making comics on our own! You name it, VR, AR, Podcast, Pop-up festivals, meme-generators, character emoticons, etc. We've got so many ideas we want to try out.

Our Story

Maybe what's above isn't enough to convince you. Maybe you just want to find out more about us. Well you certainly can! We've been recording our journey on our Medium blog. Check out the 'Startup Serial' for more info!

Now We're Going to Show Our Faces


Chief Creative Officer

I'm the arts guy. I have a background in creative writing and I do everything related to the creative side. I basically make sure that Tabulit stays its course as a fun playground for anyone into reading fiction or comics.


Chief Executive Officer

I'm the busines guy. I have a finance background and I do everything related to business development, as well as making sure our lights are on.


Chief Technology Officer

I'm the tech guy. My background is in computer science and it's my job to make sure that we have a splendid website and application. Whether it's adding a new function or finding a bug, I'm the guy making sure the tech side runs smoothly.

Last words

Okay, so maybe you're still not sure, but that's fine. We're not gonna force ya. Come and check it out in September, when it's all out in the open for you to see. We'll be waiting.

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